Thursday, October 2, 2014

When you need moving to a new apartment

You move to new apartment.
You have a little lot of luggage.
Some furnitures, electric appliances, household goods, etc are in your room.

Smily_Matsumoto_Carrying_Service is available to you at Osaka Prefecture and near areas.

If you are Foreigner and do not speak much Japanese Please contact us by e-mail.

I can not speak English well.
But i can read English sentence to some extent.
If you have a Japanese friend Please ask to call me.

We not need so much word.

Date and time of your moving.
Address of your apartment.
Address of new apartment.
How many luggage.
Size of Large baggage.

Please tell me these.

Smily_Matsumoto_Carrying_Service is a member of Akabou.

For details,  please read some pages of this BLOG.

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